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The Weekly Roar: Website fixes and Reflex Arena Pre-Alpha!

Yeah, I know I’ve been gone, but I have many good excuses:

  1. My blog has been acting up recently so posting has been hard
  2. I’ve been busy with school
  3. I was sick for 3 weeks

I’m finally releasing the pre (x10) alpha Reflex Arena executable, which you can find here:

Reflex Arena by trio_

A top down competitive arena shooter. As the name implies the mechanics heavily revolve around the players’ reflexes. Available for Windows

There are a few huge networking bugs right now, but I’m planning on working on that as soon as I have more time to.

In the meantime, enjoy the buggy, artless, barebones of the game!

Reflex Arena | Dev Update 1

Reflex-Arena-Gameplay-Vid-1 – Create, Discover and Share Awesome GIFs on Gfycat

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  • Basic networking
  • Gameplay
  • Basic menu
  • Player movement
  • Competitive mechanics

Reflex Arena is my top down competitive arena project. It’s supposed to be fast-paced and all reaction-based. There are three different types of games: 1v1, 3v3, and 5v5. Each game lasts for a best-of-7 and every projectile/attack is a one-hit-kill. Each round lasts until one team has no player left.

I’m currently working on finishing up the menu (main menu & in-game), and transitioning the network model from the cloud (using Photon Unity Networking) to dedicated servers. Still some latency issues but prediction-based networking smooths out a lot of the lag issues so I’ll fine-tune it in the future.

I’ll add some bullet-hell-esque patterns for abilities and I’ll probably incorporate some kind of user-leveling system to gain different abilities.

I also have to learn modeling so that’ll be fun.

Some screenshots: